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Blog Management Package

Attract targeted traffic to your website through carefully crafted blog articles.

Bryt Communication’s blog management package is designed to turn your website into a lead generation machine.

Why Sign Up for Blog Management

Blogging is a time-tested online marketing method that continues to provide businesses with a host of benefits.

Establish your authority and gain clients' trust

Demonstrate knowledge in your industry by having a blog on your website. Employing a soft-sell approach to marketing, blogging endeavors to genuinely provide useful information to your target audience, and in the process, gain their trust. In case the blog readers are not ready to commit at the time of accessing your blog, your brand will become top of mind when they finally decide to purchase or sign up.

Reach and attract untapped business leads

Why stop at your website when you can promote your content on 20 additional online platforms, including social media sites? Leveraging this large network of distribution channels significantly increases your content's reach, eventually tapping leads that your website alone wouldn't have otherwise reached. The use of the distribution sites also boosts your online presence as Google indexes your profiles.

Reinforce the need for your products and services

Think of the times you’ve read an article that was supposed to be just informative, but you still ended up with an urge to purchase a product or enlist a service. Despite the soft-sell approach, blog articles still carry the power to create a demand for your business offerings. It takes skill to hit this sweet spot between informative and promotional, and our writers at Bryt Communications have mastered this art.

Drive organic traffic from search engines to your website

Google is known to favor websites that regularly add fresh content, and one of the best ways to do that is by publishing new entries to your blog. As you continue to publish content that’s relevant to your field, you are also boosting your website’s popularity for niche-specific search terms. For better chances of attracting organic traffic, we can select and target popular industry keywords at the start of the campaign.

Key Components of Our Blog Management Package

Our article writing and blog posting service package comes complete with all the features you need to effectively conquer the digital marketing space.

Content Writing

They say content is king. We say content is everything! Your content can make or break your campaign, so every article you publish on your blog needs to be topnotch.


Our package includes 500 words of original blog content produced by creative writers with years of experience in marketing and SEO.

Content Editing

Content quality is obviously our priority, and it should be yours too! A second pair of eyes to review your article is essential to making sure that the content is in keeping with your standards and ours.

Naturally, our blog management service covers content review by a professional editor also with extensive experience in marketing and SEO.

Image Sourcing

An article is always more interesting if it goes with a picture. Post your article without an image and it just appears too monotonous regardless of how well written it may be.


That is why we’re throwing in a custom-sourced stock photo that matches your blog content so you can grab readers' attention and increase your article’s perceived value.

Image Optimization

A host of different elements can affect your site visitors’ experience and your website’s search engine ranking. One such factor is the loading time of your site images.


We take the time to minimize your image file size without compromising display quality to help improve your blog page loading time.

Content Posting

After writing your content, it’s time to put it up on your blog. It’s not as easy as copying and pasting the article, though. You have to make sure all components are in order to guarantee your blog’s optimal performance.


Let us take care of uploading the newly written article and optimized image to make sure your blog site works like a well-oiled machine.

Social Media Distribution

Blogging does not end in posting the content on your website. If you are serious about using your blog as a marketing tool, you need to make sure your content reaches as many potential customers as possible.


We help you maximize your content’s exposure by sharing your live article and image on up to 20 social media, blogging, and bookmarking sites.


Long-Form Content

Blogging is a way to demonstrate your knowledge of your industry, and writing extensively on matters relating to your business can only fortify your authority and credibility. Long-form articles are also known to have high potential of ranking well on search engines.


We welcome the opportunity to write longer articles for you. Our a la carte content writing rate shall apply to the rest of the article exceeding the first 500 words.

Keyword Research

Writing about topics related to your niche can take you places, but integrating popular keywords to your blog articles can further strengthen your content marketing efforts.


If you haven’t started targeting specific keywords, let our team find key phrases that your target market uses as search terms to increase your chances of getting found the next time potential customers run a search.

Keyword Mapping

Assigning keywords to your core pages (home, product/service, and about pages) can also help in generating traffic to your website. Keyword mapping also defines the linking strategy that will be implemented as the articles are posted on your blog.


Going hand-in-hand with our website content writing service, this one-time add-on allows you to enhance your core pages with keyword-optimized content and attract more traffic from search engines like Google.

Ready to start blogging?

Frequently Asked Questions

How many blog posts do you recommend per month?

We recommend signing up for at least four articles per month. That way, you have one blog post that goes live every week. You may also sign up for a higher or lower number depending on your budget.

What is the projected timeline for this service?

After signing up, you may expect the articles within the first seven to 14 days depending on the order volume. Once we get your approval, we will start posting and distributing the articles, which will be spaced out for a duration of one month. Consistency is key to successful online marketing, so ideally, posting and distribution should overlap with the production of the next batch of articles.

How much does this service cost?

Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share the pricing details.

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