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Infographic Creation and Distribution Service

Infographics are one-of-a-kind promotional tools that provide equally unique benefits to businesses that leverage their marketing potential:


  • Promote your business offerings through easily digestible content

  • Establish your authority in your field of expertise

  • Use the power of social media to your business advantage

  • Let your followers share your content and generate more leads

  • Build relationships with existing and prospective customers

Key Components of Our Infographic Package

Our infographic package has all the essentials so you can create stunning infographics for your business and share your content where it matters.

Topic Research

One of the best attributes of infographics is that they are topically flexible. While they are most commonly used to present numbers in visual formats, they can be used as well to illustrate processes, timelines, directions, lists, and a whole lot of other content types.

We always welcome topic suggestions from our clients, but the topic research comes with our infographic creation service by default.

Content Writing

Another key feature of infographics is their succinct format. Less words, more visuals: this is the best way to describe a good infographic.


It takes a skilled writer to be able to tell a story with as minimal words as possible, but we have this down to a science. The copy will also include a persuasive call to action to lead readers back to your website.

Content Editing

Writing content is a challenge on its own, but working with numbers, processes, and other types of infographic content is a different matter altogether.


This is why we make sure that every piece of content that we craft goes through a layer of quality review by a professional editor before it is passed on to you for approval and to our graphic artists for design.

Infographic Layout

Designing an infographic is an art. With the limited amount of text that accompanies your images, your design choices should be purposeful. Your visuals should stand on their own.

With our service package, you can be sure that the infographic creator who will take on your project will utilize the visual format that best conveys the information you wish to share with your target market, while also staying faithful to your business branding.

Social Media Distribution

Apart from your website, social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram all make excellent platforms to host your infographics.


Our all-in-one infographic package comes with social media distribution so you can post your masterpiece on channels where your target market spends most of their time and where they are likely to share your content.


Blog Article Writing 

and Distribution

It is always good practice to also post your infographic on your own blog, and this is best accompanied by a full-length article that expounds on your chosen topic. By doing so, you will be able to distribute the image on more online platforms, including blogging and social bookmarking sites.


This add-on service covers the research and writing of a 500-word article, plus for maximum exposure, the distribution of the infographic and live article on up to 20 social media, blogging, and bookmarking sites.

Ready to start creating infographics?

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I come up with infographics for my business?

This highly depends on the nature of your business. Some industries are suitable for monthly infographic production, while others are better suited for quarterly or semi-annual production. You may consult our expert content marketers on the best frequency for your business.

What is the projected timeline for this service?

You may expect the infographic content (and article if applicable) within the first seven days of signing up. Upon receiving your approval, we will start the layout and submit the infographic design within another seven days. Finally, content distribution will begin upon receiving the green light from you.

Can this package be combined with other services?

Definitely! All of our individual services and packages can be combined to form a more aggressive online marketing strategy. Specifically, the infographic package perfectly complements our blog management and social media marketing services since the infographic can be posted both on your blog and social media pages.

How much does this service cost?

Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share the pricing details.

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