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How Accountants Can Achieve Better ROI Through Content Marketing

How Accountants Can Achieve Better ROI Through Content Marketing

The sustainability of any business relies not just in providing quality service to existing clientele—company efforts toward lead generation must also be consistent. This, after all, is what keeps fresh business flowing.

Accounting firms and individual CPAs are no different. They require sustainable means of reaching new leads and converting them into actual clients—something that content marketing services are more than capable of achieving for them.

Understanding the Consumer Market

Before retailers or service providers, such as accountants, can enjoy this benefit, getting a better handle on today’s consumers is a must. Here are a few insights that might help you rethink your perception of modern day consumers:

  • Over 46% of Americans say that checking their smartphone is the first thing they do every day even before getting out of bed.

  • Over 51% of people who search for goods or services online have discovered a new brand or company.

  • 61% of Abode survey respondents prefer to be reached by brands through email, but also stipulated that the content being sent to them must be informative, not promotional, including blog articles and interactive posts.

The key takeaway: there is an audience out there waiting to be tapped, and providing informative content related to business finance can go a long way for accountants looking to expand their clientele.

Investing in Professional Services

Understandably, accountants may not always have the resources to produce content, much more maintain a blog. But partnering with a content marketing agency to serve up niche-specific content for your brand eliminates the legwork involved in generating quality leads. In fact, up to 74% of companies who have engaged the services of professionals have confirmed that content marketing has certainly increased both their lead quality and quantity.

As effective content marketing is equal parts substance and execution, expert content marketers can draw up a strategy that not only outlines what needs to be said about a brand, but also how the message will be delivered to prospective clients. As much as 42% of companies have in fact hired a designated content strategist—a further testament to the value of enlisting experts in crafting and distributing your marketing content.

Achieving Cost-Efficiency

No one understands the value of every company expense vis-a-vis the income flow better than accountants. With professionals taking care of your content planning and implementation, you no longer have to allocate funds to campaigns that do not assure follow-through or do not even have a clear goal in sight. You just carry on with your accounting work and watch as content marketing earns you leads three times more than paid search advertising can.

At the end of the day, the logic is simple: better content strategy translates to cost-efficiency, and therefore, better investment returns. If accountants want to improve their brand awareness, engagement, and fiscal returns, they would be well advised to hire a content marketing agency to do the work for them.

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