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How Content Marketing Boosts Ecommerce Engagement and Revenue

How Content Marketing Boosts Ecommerce Engagement and Revenue

The golden age for ecommerce has truly arrived. In 2019, this booming industry will reach a record value of $3.45 trillion retail sales. Yet, ecommerce is still expected to dominate the retail market in the coming years, peaking at 95% in 2040.

What’s the secret behind the success of ecommerce?

Everything happens on the internet with ecommerce, so the most successful ventures have perfected the art of content marketing, among other online marketing strategies.Whether you have a business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) ecommerce store, you simply cannot afford not to have an effective content marketing campaign up and running.

Ecommerce marketers are using content marketing to their advantage

The 2018 content marketing statistics from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reveal the importance of content marketing to ecommerce:

  • 91% of B2B marketers use content marketing to engage their target market.

  • 86% of B2C marketers consider content marketing as a key strategy in increasing revenue.

  • Nearly 50% of B2B and B2C marketers aim to use unique content to target their customers.

  • 72% of ecommerce marketers report an increase in engagement.

  • 72% of ecommerce marketers report an increased number of leads.

Content marketing encourages engagement better than many other online marketing strategies simply because you’re providing important information without asking a customer to buy something first. It also creates a stronger relationship with customers because your content acknowledges their needs and gives them answers.

When used effectively, content marketing can be a great tool in increasing brand loyalty and revenue generation. There are ecommerce marketers who grew their website traffic by 200% in barely a month by creating the right content for the right target market.

The challenge with engagement

While there’s definitely a high number of B2B and B2C stores who are effectively using content marketing, there are also those who encounter difficulties.

  • Only 42% of B2B marketers report effectiveness in creating content marketing strategies.

  • 63% of ecommerce businesses do not have a documented content campaign.

  • 32% of marketers think their content creation efforts range from poor to fair.

  • 60% cannot produce content consistently.

  • 65% find it challenging to produce engaging content.

Creating unique and engaging content can be difficult and time-consuming—especially if you’ve got your hands full with running the business. It’s completely understandable why a large percentage of ecommerce marketers find it challenging to produce consistently engaging content.

Avoid engagement pitfalls with the help of a content marketer

In ecommerce, customers favor the bold—and your content needs to be as bold as it can be to get their attention. When you have their attention, you need content to get them engaged. When your content has fostered engagement, you then need to earn their trust.

Trust is the biggest motivator behind a sale. Customers need to know that they can count on you to provide the product that they need. Content marketing can help you get your target market’s attention and move forward all the way to building their trust.

With the support of a content marketer, you can do all this for your ecommerce venture while you focus on running your operations. A content marketing agency can help drive traffic to your website, increase your online following, and turn that following into revenue.

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