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Cook Up Great Content and See More Customers at Your Restaurant

Cook Up Great Content and See More Customers at Your Restaurant

In the past, great food and word of mouth were the perfect combination to get people to try a restaurant. Today, however, the two are no longer enough to bring hungry customers rushing to grab a table. After all, many people are spoiled for choice thanks to a growing number of fantastic restaurants in major cities. So what is the new winning combination for restaurateurs looking to get more customers through their doors?

Great Food + Great Online Reviews + Great Content Marketing

Since today’s consumers spend more and more time online, your efforts to reach out to them should be online as well. Content marketing goes beyond simply having a social media account. High-quality, informative content to post on your website and social media profiles is what allows your restaurant to stand out from the thousands of other restaurants in your city.

What are the benefits of content marketing in the restaurant industry?

When done right, content marketing strategies like blogging leads to more customers. That is the main benefit of running a comprehensive content marketing campaign for your restaurant. Just how many customers can a well-executed campaign generate? Here are a few statistics from the Content Marketing Institute and Social Media Monthly:

  • Content marketing generates 300% more leads at a 67% lower cost when compared to outbound marketing (flyers, newspaper ads, etc.)

  • 75% of consumers choose a restaurant to try based on the content found in a restaurant’s Facebook profile

  • SMBs engaged in blogging enjoy a 126% growth in leads than SMBs without blogs

Does it really have to be blogs?

To think that content marketing strictly means “blogging” is a misconception. Blogs are one of the best ways to practice content marketing, but it isn’t the only way to do it. There’s a saying in digital marketing: “Everything is content.” Staying active on social media is a great jumping off point when starting a content marketing campaign. Video content is increasing in popularity as well. The key here is making sure your content is helpful and informative.

For example, a quick chart that shows potential customers which of your bar’s cocktails is the best fit for their current mood is a creative way to do content marketing. Posting an infographic featuring your restaurant’s best main course-dessert pairing is another great example since it is informative and it encourages customers to engage with your post.

Working Together with a Content Marketing Agency

Of course, not all restaurateurs will have the time to efficiently run a content marketing strategy. This is especially true if you also double as the head chef or manager of your restaurant. In such cases, working together with an experienced content marketing agency is ideal.

Content marketing agencies can help you craft a customized content marketing strategy that fully highlights your restaurant’s brand in a way that will be best received by your target market. With a steady stream of quality content posted on your website and social media profiles, you can reap the full benefits of content marketing while focusing your time and attention on doing what you do best: running your restaurant.

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