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Startups Can Hit the Ground Running with Content Marketing

Startups Can Hit the Ground Running with Content Marketing

One of the countless challenges that startups face is growing past the initial buzz they get in their first few months. The truth is it is common for many startups to struggle to expand their operations and customer base. If your startup is facing this issue, content marketing services may just be the solution you’re looking for.

It is no secret among marketers that digital marketing has been dubbed “the great equalizer,” allowing startups to compete with some of the biggest names in their respective industries. Expectedly, a large number of startups who have realized this potential are now engaged in content marketing:

  • 89% of startups use content marketing

  • 66% of startups believe content marketing drives the growth of their business

  • 50% of startups that are currently not running a content marketing campaign plan to start doing so within the next 12 months

Why are startups and SMBs turning to content marketing?

Simply put, small-scale businesses have been diverting a larger share of their marketing budgets into content marketing because it provides a great return on investment. Startups report the following benefits within their campaign duration:

Needless to say, those that aren’t engaged in content marketing really do end up behind the eight ball. After all, a large number of quality leads is exactly what a budding company needs in order to grow.

More benefits for startups

Content marketing goes beyond producing leads and subsequently increasing profits. It also feeds any SEO efforts that you may currently have. With a steady stream of fresh, high-quality content, your business website will also see an improvement in its search results ranking. This leads to more exposure for your brand and even more leads from organic searches.

Blue Apron, an American ingredient-delivery company, makes an excellent case study. As part of their content marketing campaign, Blue Apron provided their clients with fantastic recipes to go with the ingredients that they offered. They also hyped up each month’s new recipe by writing content that talks about the history and culture behind each dish. The result? The company enjoyed 500 percent growth within one year of starting their content marketing campaign.

How content marketing agencies can help

Content marketing requires time commitment from whoever will be handling the campaign. Unfortunately, time can be a premium for many startups, especially for businesses that have recently opened or have a relatively small team. This is where working with an experienced content marketing agency comes in.

Content marketing firms are more than capable of creating content that reflects your identity as a brand and satisfies the interest of your target market. It is precisely this consumer-centric approach of content marketing that can help you stand out from your competitors. The best part? You get to enjoy the wide range of benefits of content marketing while completely focusing on running your startup.

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