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How Content Marketing Can Help Improve Sales for Real Estate Agents

How Content Marketing Can Help Improve Sales for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents rely heavily on open houses, and rightly so to give potential buyers a good look at the properties on sale. While this method still proves effective, content marketing services can only work to complement and make real estate sales techniques more efficient and successful.

In an industry where competition can be tough, it’s important for realtors to use better tools to reach potential leads, as well as innovative means to help close their deals. Investing in marketing content addresses these concerns for real estate agents.

Content Marketing Brings In Leads and Improves Brand Awareness

Handing out brochures and flyers simply won’t cut it anymore, and paying for print ads can be more expensive than necessary. Digital content, however, is a much more cost-efficient alternative for spreading the word about your brand. Take a moment to consider these numbers:

  • 80% of people on the lookout for new homes search online

  • As much as 32% of potential home buyers are millennials, or those who intuitively use digital technology for their everyday needs

  • 55% of marketers rely on content like blogs for inbound marketing

  • 72% of marketers find branded content to be more effective than print advertising in a magazine, 62% more than TV advertising, and 69% more than sending direct mail and public relations

One thing is clear based on these data: there is a vast difference between the market profile today and that of even just 10 years ago. Real estate agents, in turn, must be able to adjust the language and methods by which they communicate with this new breed of home buyers.

By maximizing digital platforms through strategic content marketing, you are seizing the opportunity to get your brand out there and introduce it to an entire consumer market just waiting to be tapped.

Content Marketing Leads to Conversions

As with any other business, generating leads is just the first step for realtors. The other half of the challenge is turning those leads into actual property buyers. Content marketing has become a go-to strategy for real estate agents because it does not only lead potential buyers to you, but it also guides them through the buying journey so that they actually end up making a purchase.

Studies further attest to the ability of branded content to nudge potential buyers in the right direction:

  • 47% of consumers look at a minimum of three to five pieces of content before getting in touch with a sales rep

  • 61% of consumers make purchase decisions based on blog recommendations

  • 34% of consumers are more likely to make unplanned purchases when exposed to personalized content

Digital content plays a vital role in helping modern day consumers make and affirm their purchase decisions. With real estate property being a serious investment, realtors can only expect home buyers to spend significant time researching the properties that interest them. As real estate agents hoping to finalize your deals, you require content that satisfies this need.

Beyond that, real estate agents should also consider home buyers who are still undecided about what kind of property they want or need. This is a segment that you can access through content that’s aimed toward helping buyers sift through their choices. Time and again, digital content has proven to be an invaluable marketing tool in every step of the buying process.

Content Marketing Reinforces Your Professional Image

Having said all that, content marketing strategies such as blogging should not be confused with the casual approach people often associate with personal social media pages and blogs. Rather, these are highly evolved forms of business communication, and it is in your best interest to leave them in the hands of a professional content creation agency.

A solid content strategy calls for a refined, targeted, and consumer-centric approach to your marketing, which when implemented correctly, can be a potential boon not only for your lead generation and conversion, but also for establishing your credibility as a realtor.

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