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Compelling Reasons Why Lawyers Should Invest in Content Marketing

Compelling Reasons Why Lawyers Should Invest in Content Marketing

Much like any other business, law firms need to promote their services to expand their clientele. With the countless traditional and digital tactics you can employ to boost your practice, why should you invest in content marketing services in particular?

The 2018 Law Firm Digital Marketing Survey, conducted by the Legal Marketing Association and Good2bSocial, introduces several reasons.

Your peers recognize the importance of going digital

More than half of the respondents, surveyed across the United States, agree that digital marketing is important: they give it a 4 on a scale of 1 to 5. Lawyers also see that it provides several opportunities for impacting their business:

  • 70% say digital marketing improves brand awareness.

  • 70% believe it enhances thought leadership.

  • 66% say it can distinguish their firm from their competitors.

  • 59% say it helps provide more value to clients.

These figures alone reiterate the value of content marketing. A well-crafted digital strategy enables your firm to not only become more visible and valuable to potential clients, but also to keep pace with industry trends and your competition.

Your peers recognize the value of doing marketing right

Other findings also suggest that you need professionals to do your marketing, especially if you agree with any of these statements:

  • 55% of law firms don’t have enough time to devote to marketing.

  • 41% find it difficult to stay abreast of algorithms, technologies, platforms, and the like.

  • 26% acknowledge they need training to effectively market themselves.

Recognizing the importance of content marketing means recognizing the importance of doing it right. As much as you would urge people to seek counsel for legal issues, you should entrust professionals with the ins and outs of creating and implementing content.

If you’re among the 22% of firms that have no staff whatsoever for digital marketing, be it in-house, part-time, or outsourced, it may be time to consider hiring. A professional will address the challenge of time as they take over duties that might otherwise be left to your team. A dedicated marketer will certainly be more well-versed in the maneuvering around the digital marketplace, and your staff can certainly learn from them.

Your content marketer will set you apart

When a content marketing agency does the job, it will do more than let your firm keep pace—it will make it stand apart.

Beyond using search engine algorithms and analytics to put your materials on the web, content marketers know how to help you truly connect with your target audiences. They can shape the information you share in ways that cut through legalese and dispel the notion that legalities are “boring.” Far from simply publishing your content, they can refine it to make your legal assistance all the more memorable.

Blog posts entitled “5 Steps You Should Take When Filing for Divorce” and “5 Ways to Take Care of Your Family During the Divorce Process” may cover the same legal points. Ultimately, however, it’s the latter piece—following the story-centric and audience-driven focus of content marketing—that can more effectively resonate with your existing and potential clients.

With a content marketing agency refining your strategies, your clients and prospects can truly rely on your practice to be a beacon of information, options, solutions, and insights, or in other words, a source of good-quality legal content.

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