Social Media Marketing Service Package

Social media marketing presents a host of benefits that many other online marketing strategies are unable to provide:


  • Promote your business on social platforms that your target market frequents

  • Reach a wider audience for your updates, promos, and other announcements

  • Interact directly with your existing and prospective customers

  • Establish brand authenticity through online channels other than your website

  • Allow your followers to share your content directly with their peers

Key Components of Our Social Media Marketing Package

A robust social media marketing strategy should allow you to come up with promotional materials that you can share across multiple social platforms.

Our monthly service package includes a standard set of four photo updates and another set of four text updates, boosting your social media presence with at least two posts for every week. Designed to cater to varying marketing needs, the package can be scaled up for even more frequent posts.

Photo Updates

Text Updates

Ready to start your social media campaign?

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Bryt Communications is a premium content marketing agency with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and related disciplines. We offer a full array of content creation and publishing services, including website content writing, blog content production and management, social media marketing, and graphic design.

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