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Social Media Marketing Service Package

Social media marketing presents a host of benefits that many other online marketing strategies are unable to provide:


  • Promote your business on social platforms that your target market frequents

  • Reach a wider audience for your updates, promos, and other announcements

  • Interact directly with your existing and prospective customers

  • Establish brand authenticity through online channels other than your website

  • Allow your followers to share your content directly with their peers

Key Components of Our Social Media Marketing Package

A robust social media marketing strategy should allow you to come up with promotional materials that you can share across multiple social platforms.

Our monthly service package includes a standard set of four photo updates and another set of four text updates, boosting your social media presence with at least two posts for every week. Designed to cater to varying marketing needs, the package can be scaled up for even more frequent posts.

Photo Updates

Content Writing

How you present your business on social media can do wonders for your marketing. Establish your authority in your field and you’re sure to find more prospective customers who are willing to trust you.

That is why we take the time to research your niche before we start working on your project. We then produce four sets of short and catchy marketing copy to promote your business and its best selling points.

Content Editing

We cannot stress enough how important it is that every copy that comes out of our pipeline and yours is reviewed beforehand for quality assurance. This practice is standard for all our writing projects.


After writing the four sets of marketing copy, they go through a thorough review by one of our skilled copy editors to make sure they are error-free and appropriate for your business.

Image Sourcing

As any social media marketing company would tell you, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other popular social websites are now some of the strongest platforms for visual marketing.

To make sure that your posts will get the attention they deserve, we find the perfect eye-catching images to complement the copy written for your business.

Image Layout

Further stressing the importance of work quality, the images you will be sharing on your social media pages need to reflect the same craftsmanship that people can expect of your business.


Our creative graphic artists will design your images, ensuring that they are not only attractive, but they also reflect your overall business aesthetic standards and branding.

Image Branding

Branding your images is only logical. For one, it helps promote brand recall. More importantly, wherever your photos end up when your followers share them, people would know that they’re yours.


As our talented graphic artists work on your images, we make sure to add your logo, as well as your company name or domain, so your social media efforts would always lead people back to your business.

Social Media Distribution

As with any other online marketing strategy, consistency is key when it comes to social media marketing. Posting the images with hashtags is also essential to helping customers find your posts and pages.


Our expert content marketers will ensure that your images will be posted as scheduled and with the proper hashtags so your business may reap the full benefits of your social media marketing efforts.

Text Updates

Content Writing

For social websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, it is important to break the monotony of all-image posts with a good number of text-based updates. By including links to your pages, the posts also help drive traffic to your website.

Our seasoned writers will craft four more sets of marketing copy, this time geared toward highlighting various sections of your website, as well as sharing key updates from authoritative figures in your industry.

Content Editing

As a social media marketing company trusted by various brands around the world, we are sticklers for accuracy and proponents of good grammar.

Again, to make sure that the work is nothing short of spotless, the copy will go through a thorough review by one of our master copy editors.

Social Media Distribution

Variety is important when it comes to social media marketing, so alternating between photo and text updates is optimal.


Our content marketers will publish the text updates in between photo updates, in keeping with the social media calendar you will be provided as part of the service package.

Ready to start your social media campaign?

Frequently Asked Questions

​​How many social media posts do you recommend per month?

By signing up for our social media marketing package, you will have a total of 8 posts per month, which should be enough for many businesses with active social media accounts. However, if you wish to have more prominent social media profiles, you can always go for multiple packages and work your way toward dominating the social media space.

What is the projected timeline for this service?

Depending on the campaign’s scale, you may expect the written copy and raw images within first seven to 14 days after signing up. Upon getting your approval, we will start laying out the images and posting the updates, as outlined in the schedule you will be provided. Ideally, while the current month’s work is ongoing, we are starting with the content production and layout of the following month’s posts.

Can this package be combined with other services?

Absolutely! All of our individual services and packages can be combined to form a more aggressive online marketing strategy. The social media marketing package is intended to bolster your presence on social platforms. Partnering it with a service like blog management will only fortify your overall online presence.

How much does this service cost?

Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share the pricing details.

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